Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga

Welcome to - The Ultimate Adult Dating Sim Experience!

Experience pure delight with, the revolutionary adult dating sim created by DarkCookie. Step into the shoes of a high school and college-aged protagonist and surround yourself with hot teachers, irresistible classmates, and adventurous friends as you strive to rise through the ranks. Enjoy the nostalgia and hormonally charged world that this game has to offer!

At the forefront of adult gaming, SummertimeSaga offers an array of kinky fetishes, mesmerizing animated sex scenes, captivating mini-games, and a brilliantly crafted storyline that have attracted over 3 million views per month since its official launch in 2017! Play seamlessly on desktop or mobile platforms and indulge in the wildest fantasies from your teenage years.

A Well-Written Storyline with Fully Fleshed Out Characters

Begin your journey with an emotionally charged funeral for your dad that sets the tone for this odyssey beyond traditional erotic gaming. Flirt and connect with hot teachers, save money for college, find dates for upcoming dances – all while uncovering mysteries surrounding your father’s death.


- Incredibly immersive adult gaming experience.

- A plethora of kinky fetishes.

- Mesmerizing animated sex scenes.

- Multitude of captivating mini-games.

- Brilliantly crafted storyline.

Enjoy Seamless Gaming on Desktop or Mobile Platforms!

SummertimeSaga is constantly expanding with new opportunities for pleasure via game development fervor on its Patreon page. Currently at 55% completion status, patrons are sure to get awe-inspiring adult content as progress is made towards 100%. Get ready to buckle up for an unforgettable adventure that’s compatible across Windows, Linux, Android, and Mac devices!


- An initially unexpected atmosphere created by a dark narrative.

- Boundless choices & endless possibilities each time you play.

- Every non-male character is potentially a conquest waiting to happen.

- Delightfully realistic dialogue & scintillating sex scenes ranging from cowgirl lactation to skillful oral skills.

- A wide array of fetishes ripe for exploration & satisfaction at any leisurely pace - especially when using cheat mode available!

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